Our sanitiser dispensers ensure cleanliness and hand hygiene in all the facilities where the key issue is the safety of staff and customers.

The main purpose of dispensers is to limit the use of hands and our solution allows the disinfectant to be dispensed by pressing the lever with an elbow. To ensure durability and aesthetics of dispensers, the devices are made of stainless steel.


·    Durable, solid construction made of stainless steel
·    Aesthetic and modern design
·    No need for electricity or battery power
·    Hands-free operation (elbow-operated) eliminates the risk of bacterial / viral / fungal transmissions
·    Simple for maintaining good hygiene and disinfection
·    Easy to refill and maintain
·    No minimum order quantity
·    Discounts for large orders
·    We can provide a continuous and timely supply of antibacterial gel which disinfection effectiveness has been tested and validated by an accredited laboratory

5 Litre Sanitiser Dispenser

£195.00 Regular Price
£156.00Sale Price