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Childrens Stainless Steel Foot Operated
Sanitiser Dispensers

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Global Protection Supplies are the UK's exclusive distributor for Gelpole, a leading British innovation in hand hygiene.

The popular children's sized gelpole comes with a engaging design intended to increase usage in schools and playgrounds. The heavy duty stainless steel sanitiser dispenser comes with a heavy plate base option for situations where maneuverability is important.


This sturdy hand sanitiser dispenser holds a 1 Litre refillable bottle which is accessed through the top of the post with a key.


  • Suitable for use inside and outdoors - fully weatherproof

  • Weighted base option for mobile applications

  • Includes signage and floor mounting kit

  • 3 year manufacturers warranty covering product function and finish

  • Easy to refill with the included funnel


To ensure durability and aesthetics of this dispenser, the sanitiser device is constructed with high quality brushed stainless steel. The striking, playful design is proven to increase usage for children between the age of 4-11 years old.


The main purpose of foot operated dispensers is to limit the use of hands and our solution allows the disinfectant to be dispensed by stepping on the metal anti-slip pedal while holding hands under the nozzle.

Ideal for schools, playgrounds, public places, indoor play areas, nurseries, leisure centres and many more.

We can also provide foam pump heads for foaming sanitiser fluid. This video demonstrates how easy it is to operate the locking cap, refill the bottle and the foaming sanitizer pump in action.

Alcohol free foam based sanitiser is becoming increasingly popular in schools, playgrounds and soft play zones, some of the key advantages include:

  • Non flammable solution

  • Uses less fluid with each use - making your refills last longer

  • More pleasant user experience which leads to increased engagement; from a child's perspective, foam is fun!

  • Our foaming sanitiser is more effective at sterilising than many alcohol based gel products (based on the number of EN numbers).

  • More economical than alcohol based gels

  • Easier to transport and store in large quantities, less ADR restrictions etc.

Find out more about our foaming sanitiser refills.

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