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5 Litre Stainless Steel Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispensers By Gelpole

Heavy duty 5L stainless steel sanitiser dispenser by gelpoole. This robust hand sanitiser dispenser holds a 5 litre jerry can of sanitiser which is accessed through the base positioned behind the post.


  • Suitable for use inside and out and perfect for no touch cleansing of hands.

  • Price includes signage as shown.

  • Product function and finish is guranteed for 3 years.

  • Easy to refill and maintain


Our sanitiser dispensers ensure cleanliness and hand hygiene in all facilities where the key issue is the safety of staff and visitors.

To ensure durability and aesthetics of this dispenser, the sanitiser device is constructed with high quality brushed stainless steel. The sleek design has been carefully engineered for global appeal and looks at home in both public spaces and private businesses.


The main purpose of foot operated dispensers is to limit the use of hands and our innovative solution allows the disinfectant to be dispensed by stepping on the metal anti-slip pedal or pressing the elbow pad while holding hands under the nozzle.

Ideal for retail chains, gas stations, pharmacies, doctor's offices, clinics, pharmacies, medical institutions, offices, schools, shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, airports and many more.

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